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kjthistory [userpic]

Will of John Baskerfield ???? - 1753

September 2nd, 2010 (11:47 am)

My children are descended from Birds and Baskerfields of Woughton on the Green in Buckinghamshire. They were Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights. The testator's brother, Thomas Baskerfield, is my children's 7g-grandfather.

The text below is in some places paraphrased or abridged.

I, John Baskerfield of Woughton on the Green in the county of Buckingham Wheelwright ...

First of all I give to John Baskerfield my Nephew son of Thomas Baskerfield of Woughton aforesaid my House, Garden, Orchard and all other my outbuildings thereunto belonging and also to the said John Baskerfield

...all my working tools...

...all my stock of Timber both dry and Green, together with all Firewood...

...my Carriage and my ??Jin/Tin?Iron??...

...all my Household goods of whatever nature...

...all my Wearing Apparel...

...all the money I shall have by me at the time of my Decease after my debts are Funeral charges are paid and also all Sums of money that shall be owing me at the time of my decease.

It is also my Will and Meaning that the said John Baskerfield shall pay unto these several persons hereinafter named their several and respective sums of money:

To Mary, Rebecca, Martha and William Baskerfield, daughters and son of Thomas Baskerfield of Woughton on the Green, the sum of Seven pounds each.

To Susanna Higgins of North Crawley the sum of three pounds.

Likewise to William, Francis and John Warr, sons of Francis Warr of Stoke Hammond in the County of Bucks the sum of three pounds each.

The said John Baskerfield to pay the legacies as follows: Mary Baskerfield to receive seven pounds within six months of my decease. Every six months thereafter, the next oldest person to receive their legacy, unless the said John Baskerfield shall or had rather pay them in a less form of time.

John Baskerfield to be full and sole executor and to spend Six pounds on my funeral charges.

Signed 23rd September 1752.

Witnesses George Goodman, Henry Goodman, William Booker.

Proved 9th August 1753.

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