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kjthistory [userpic]

Will of Thomazin Cleverdon 1763 - 1840

July 22nd, 2010 (10:14 am)

Cleverdon was Thomazin's second married name. Her son by her first marriage, James Andrew, was my ggg-grandfather. Her maiden name was probably Short, but I have no proof of that so far.

Will of Thomazin Cleverdon late of Woolfardisworthy in the County of Devon Married Woman deceased.

Executor Joseph Andrew (son)

Proved in the Archdeacon's Court of Barnstaple on the 24th day of March 1840.

Effects under £200

The form of the first paragraph is rather different from other wills I have seen of the period. Presumably this is about making it absolutely clear that she has the right to dispose of her property as she wishes and that it does not belong to her surviving husband. I have therefore typed it up in full.

I, Thomazin Cleverdon of Woolfardisworthy in the County of Devon the wife of William Cleverdon of East Putford in the said county Yeoman (lately Thomazin Andrew Widow) by virtue and in pursuance and in exercise and execution of the several powers and authorities given limited and reserved to me in and by several settlements made on or prior to and since my marriage to the said William Cleverdon and of all and every other power and powers authority and authorities in any wise enabling me in this behalf do my this my last will and testament in writing signed sealed and published by me in the presence of and attested by three credible witnesses direct limit appoint give devise and bequeath my freehold leasehold and personal estate property and effects in manner as follows (that is to say): [the legacies below are abridged and sometimes paraphrased].

To my son Joseph Andrew the property known as Dippel [or Dipple] in the parish of Woolfardisworthy.

This is subject to and chargeable with payment of One Hundred Pounds to my son William Andrew now under sentence of transportation to be paid - without interest for the intervening period - in the event of his returning to England [there is no evidence that he ever did].

This is also subject to and chargeable with payment of Three Hundred Pounds to my nephew Richard Short.

The said Richard Short shall stand possessed of this legacy for the sole use and benefit of my daughter Mary Cleverdon (wife of Richard Cleverdon) separate and apart from and exclusive of her husband so that she may dispose of the same at her pleasure as if she were unmarried.

To each of my grandsons Thomas Andrew (son of my late son James Andrew deceased) and Job Andrew and William Andrew (children of my late son Thomas Andrew deceased) the sum of fifteen pounds and to each of my granddaughters Margaret Andrew (daughter of my said late son James Andrew) and Ann Andrew (daughter of my said late son Thomas Andrew the sum of six pounds.

And I charge the property of Dipple with the payment of the last five legacies, which are to be paid to my said nephew Richard Short and John Harding of Woolfardisworthy aforesaid Yeoman. The money is to be applied in placing my said five grandchildren respectively apprentices to any trade or otherwise to their benefit and advancement in the world.

The above legacies (except that to my son William Andrew) to be paid at the end of twelve calendar months after my decease.

I also give to my son Joseph Andrew all of my property in and near Nutton or elsewhere in the parish or chapelry of East Putford in the county of Devon.

This legacy is charged with the payment of one annuity or yearly rent charge of ten pounds unto my son Richard Andrew during his natural life. This is to be paid quarterly, starting three calendar months after my death.

I give to my said daughter Mary Cleverdon my Side Saddle and Pillion and all of my apparel and my chest and box wherein the same is usually kept. Also my best bed with the bedding and bed furniture thereof, also all the household goods and furniture which at my decease shall be in the parlour of my dwelling house at Dippel.

I also give the sum of one pound to my son John Andrew if he be living at my decease. [I don't know if he was. It appears to have been thought uncertain.]

I give to my said son Richard Andrew the bed whereon he usually sleeps with the bedstead bedding and bed furniture thereof.

Lastly I give all rent which shall be due and owing to me at my death and the residue of all my goods and property (subject to my just debts and funeral and testamentary expenses) to my said son Joseph Andrew for his own absolute use and benefit.

I appoint my son Joseph Andrew my sole Executor.

Signed Thomain (sic) Cleverdon, 6th day of December 1839. [This was the day after the funeral of her son James Andrew.]

Witnessed by Charles Carter junr, Robt Holman, Hannah Jewell.

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