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kjthistory [userpic]

Testament of George McPherson 1804 - 1845

November 2nd, 2010 (08:48 am)

George McPherson, b1804 in Laggan, Inverness, was brother to my ggg-grandfather Donald McPherson, b1799 in Laggan. George died Intestate, ie there was no Will.

The document below is a Testament under Scottish Law. After a death, the appointed Executor or his/her representative “compears” (presents him/herself) before a suitably qualified Commissary to present the Will, if there is one, together with the inventory of effects. The Testament is essentially a record of the proceedings, and includes the text of the Will itself where appropriate.

My objective is to show the property involved and the family relationships rather than necessarily the original wording of the document. The Testaments I have seen so far tend to the verbose, and the text below is in some places paraphrased or abridged.

At Stirling 24th September 1845 compeared James Service Writer in Glasgow [who] gave information whereof the tenor follows viz:

Inventory of the personal or moveable means and estate of the late George McPherson, Blockcutter in Milngavie who died there on 23rd July 1845, faithfully made up and given up by:

Mrs Mary McPherson or McKay spouse of James McKay Manager of the Bridgeton Baking Society with his consent and him for his interests,

William McPherson Calico Printer in the employment of Messrs Inglis & Wakefield Calico Printers Busbie,

Donald McPherson Porter to the British Linen Company at Dundee and

Ann McPherson spouse of Robert McDonald residing at Kirk Street Dundee with his consent and him for his interest,

the saids William and Donald McPherson being brothers german and the said Mrs Mary McPherson or McKay and Mrs Ann McPherson or McDonald being sisters german of the said deceased, and duly decerned Executors and Executrixs [being] nearest of kin to him.

First: Cash due to the said deceased by the Royal Bank of Scotland [according to] deposit receipt in the said Bank dated 15th August 1844 for the sum of £100. Interest till date of death not exceeding £2. £102-0-0

Second: Cash due to the said deceased by the British Linen Company per deposit receipt dated 12th March last for £20. Interest at deceased’s death not exceeding 4s. £20-4-0

Third: Cash due to the said deceased by the National Securities Savings Bank at Glasgow, £53-6-4. Interest at deceased’s death not exceeding £1. £54-6-4

Fourth: Value of two shares belonging to the deceased in the capital stock of the Central Bank of Scotland, including dividends due at deceased’s death, Seventy-Five pounds sterling. £75-0-0

Fifth: Value of articles of household furniture belonging to the deceased £3-10-0

Sixth: Value of the deceased’s body clothes £2-10-0

Seventh: Cash found in deceased’s repositories 0-5-6

Eighth: Value of deceased’s books 0-10-0

Ninth: Value of debts due to the deceased £4-0-0

Total: £262-5-10

Signed: Mary McKay or McPherson

Signed: Matthew Diest JP, Commissary

at Glasgow 22nd September 1845.

Compeared Mrs Mary MacPherson or McKay spouse of James McKay Manager of the Bridgeton Baking Society who being solemnly sworn and examined depones:

That the late George McPherson Blockcutter in Milngavie died there upon the twenty-third day of July last.

That the deponent with the consent of her said husband and along with [the above-named] William McPhersonDonald McPherson … and Ann McPherson …has entered upon the possession and management of the said deceased’s personal and moveable means and estate as executors and executrixs.

That the deponent does not know of any settlement or writing relative to the disposal of the deceased’s personal estate and effects or any part thereof.

That the foregoing Inventory which is subscribed by the deponent and the said Commissioner on each page as relative hereto is a full and complete inventory of the personal estate and effects of the said deceased George McPherson wherever situated and belonging or due beneficially to him at the time of his death insofar as the same had come to the deponent’s knowledge.

That the whole of the deceased’s personal estate and effects situated in Scotland insofar as the same has so come to the deponent’s knowledge is above the value of two hundred pounds sterling and under the value of three hundred pounds sterling all which is truth as the deponent shall answer to God.

Signed: Mary McKay or McPherson

Signed: Matthew Diest Com’y

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