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kjthistory [userpic]

Settlement Examination - William Andrew b1793

November 29th, 2010 (03:28 pm)

From the evidence of his birth place, parents’ abode, father’s death date and children’s names, I am confident that this William Andrew(s) is the younger brother of my ggg-grandfather James Andrew.

From the evidence of their mother’s will (“to my son William Andrew currently under sentence of transportation”) and the occupation of School Master given in transportation records, I am reasonably confident that this man is that William Andrew(s) who was found guily of larceny on 21st July 1838 and transported to Van Diemen’s Land.

The original document has no paragraph breaks; for clarity I have inserted paragraph breaks at every change of abode.

The examination of William Andrew of the Parish of Ashwater in the County of Devon the nineteenth day of June One thousand eight hundred and twenty three before us Samuel Hart and Thomas Hockin xxxydon Clerks of his majority Justice of the Peace in and for the said county who saith:

That he was born in the parish of East Putford in the said county as he has heard and believes and lived with his parents there until he was about seven years of age

when his parents removed into the parish of Woolfardisworthy upon an estate of land of his mother’s, rated at eight pounds, and lived in Woolfardisworthy aforesaid until he was about sixteen years old when his Father died.

That he lived with his mother in Woolfardisworthy aforesaid about twelve months after his father’s death and

then went into the parish of Buckland Brewer and rented a school room for two pounds and ten shillings a year but paid no taxes for the same nor rented anything else and resided there six months.

From thence he removed to Bideford and resided with Mr More Chanter as a clerk at ten pounds a year meat drink and lodging with whom he lived eight or nine months when his said master failing in business he left him

and then returned to his mother at Woolfardisworthy aforesaid and lived with her until he was about twenty-one years of age.

That he then enlisted into His Majesty’s Ninth Dragoons and remained with the Regiment two years and twenty-nine days when he purchased his discharge by two substitutes.

That at Lady Day 1817 he returned into the parish of Woolfardisworthy aforesaid and rented a house and garden at two pounds and ten shillings a year, paid no taxes nor rented anything else.

That between Christmas and Lady Day in the same year he married and lived in Woolfardisworthy for two years and a quarter aforesaid renting only the house and garden upon the same terms as before.

Then he removed into the parish of West Putford where he rented a house and garden at three pounds a year and lived there sixteen months but rented nothing else.

And then removed into the parish of Sutcombe and rented a house and garden at four pounds and four shillings and at the same time rented thirty five yards of potatoe ground at ten pence xxx but rented nothing else.

That at Lady Day 1823 he removed with his wife and family into the Parish of Ashwater and rented a house and garden and school room of Mr Clive Davey at five pounds twelve shillings and sixpence a year and the parishioners of Ashwater agreed to pay him this Examinant seven pounds a year for teaching the Poor children and that he has done no other act to gain a settlement elsewhere.

That he has a wife and two children which are actually chargeable to the said parish of Ashwater.

Sworn and signed by the above William Andrew the day and year given above xxx

William Andrews

Samuel Hunt

 Thos JH Kingdon

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Posted by: David Boon (David Boon)
Posted at: February 14th, 2011 04:31 am (UTC)
William Andrew/s

Did you know the Van Dieman's Land (now Tasmania) convict records are digitised and freely available at http://portal.archives.tas.gov.au/menu.aspx?search=11 I checked these and the William Andrew/s who came on the Pyramus and arrived in 1839 was from Devon and his wife's name is listed as Catherine in his record (You may be able to make out some of the local place names in his record and I am more than happy to help you decipher the rest)

Posted by: kjthistory (kjthistory)
Posted at: February 14th, 2011 11:34 am (UTC)
Re: William Andrew/s

Hi David,

Thank you so much for contacting me; I really appreciate it. I have spent a bit of time searching the Tas Archives, and I have a copy of William's Convict Conduct Record. Is that the record you mean? This is what I've made of it so far, with some guidance from info at www.foundersandsurvivors.org

[Police Number] 873 Andrews William als Andrew

Pyramus 23 March 1839

[Trial] Devon Tavistock [or it might be Devon / Exeter!] 2 ? 21 July 1838. [Length of Sentence] 15 [years].

Transported for forgery

Gaol report: convicted before indifferent character connexions respectable

Hulk report: very good

M & 5 Chd

Stated this offence forging a Bill of Exchange for £20 for Banks at Tivstock (sic)
Once for unlawfully selling 12 mos

Mard & 5 Chds Wife Cathrine [Native Place] Taunton

Surgeons report: active intelligent and well-behaved acted as school master

date of trial, place of convict's employment or name of his master, charge, sentence, magistrate.

July 1 1839 P.B. / Absent from Muster/ Rep d? / B.S. /
Nov 11 1839 ?White? P.B. / Being drunk to be confined to Bks 1 Month / A.S. /
Decr 23 1839 P.B. Being drunk cell 6 days on B & W. /
Jan’y 13 1840 P.B. being drunk confined to Barracks for 6 weeks / ?.?. /
Oct 12 1840 Clerks rounds / P.B. / Confined to Barracks 6 weeks ?? /
26 Decr 1840 / Being drunk – reprimanded / PB /
10 May 1841 PB / Drunk rep’d / ??? /
19 July 1841 Writers Room R.D. Being drunk To be confined to Barracks for 2 months / P.S. /
21 February 1842 ??Writer?? 6 P.B. / Drunk and absent form ??arrested?? 6 days Solitary confinement. / ??W. Grasse?? /
2 May 1842 On loan to ? W Abbott / being drunk 6 days solitary conf’t / W.G. /
17 October 1842 Writer / Being drunk 7 days solitary / W.G. /
7 November 1842 Messenger Writers Room / Being drunk 6 days solitary conf’t / P.S. /
30 January 1843 Writer /P.B. / Being drunk hard labour on the Road ?4? months / ?? / Confirmed xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx ??returning?? to P.B. / xxxxxxxxx /
4/2/43. 9 March 1843 Road p’ty Disobes of orders 48 hours sol’y conf’t / L.F.J. /
17 Oct 1843 P.B. drunk 4 mos hard labour on the roads / W.G. / Confirmed [or confined?] ??Picton?? p’ty xxx ret’d to P.B. Victr L.G. xxxxx – 21/10/43 X.S. 44. 2 xxxx
3 June 1844 Writer P.B. / Drunk 10 days sol’y conf’t / W.G. /
16 Sep’r 1844 Writer reps ?off? / Drunk 10 days sol’y conf’t (WS) / J.L. 19/8/45
14 Nov 1845 J.B. / xxxxxx xxxx
[following is in margin – 6.3.44 3 Class] / xx /
20 ??Jan’y?? 1846 ??D.L.?? / Drunk 2 mos hard labour / JP /
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx 23/1/46

See next comment for "tidied up" version.

Posted by: kjthistory (kjthistory)
Posted at: February 14th, 2011 11:35 am (UTC)
Re: William Andrew/s

Start Date , Offence , Sentence , End Date (calculated)

1st July 1839 , Absent from Muster , Reprimanded , 1st July 1839
11th November 1839 , Being drunk , Confined to barracks 1 month , 11th December 1839
23rd December 1839 , Drunk , Cell six days bread and water , 29th December 1839
13th January 1840 , Drunk , Confined to barracks 6 weeks , 24th February 1840
12th October 1840 , Drunk , Confined to barracks 6 weeks , 23rd November 1840
26th December 1840 , Being drunk , Reprimanded , 26th December 1840
10th May 1841 , Drunk , Reprimanded , 10th May 1841
19th July 1841 , Being drunk , Confined to barracks 2 months , 18th September 1841
21st February 1842 , Drk & abs from Muster , Six days solitary confinement , 27th February 1842
2nd May 1842 , Being drunk , Six days solitary confinement , 8th May 1842
17th October 1842 , Being drunk , Seven days solitary , 24th October 1842
7th November 1842 , Being drunk , Six days solitary confinement , 13th November 1842
30th January 1843 , Being drunk , Hard labour on Road four months , 30th May 1843 (*)
9th March 1843 , Disobedience , 48 hours solitary confinement , 11th March 1843
17th October 1843 , Being drunk , 4 months hard labour on roads , 27th February 1844(*)
3rd June 1844 , Drunk , Ten days solitary confinement , 13th June 1844
16th September 1844 , Drunk , Ten days solitary confinement , 26th September 1844
20th January 1846 , Drunk , 2 months hard labour , 20th March 1846

(*) Something I couldn’t read seems to have happened before this calculated date.

I would be very grateful for any help you can give on understanding this document. I am about to post a draft "life story" for William; it's been quite difficult deciding how much general history to include, so it has taken longer than I intended. The draft makes only brief reference to the sources used, but I intend at some point to post a more complete version with detailed sources.

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