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kjthistory [userpic]

Will of William BASKERFIELD (the Elder) ???? - 1715

June 22nd, 2011 (10:21 am)

Having found the Will of Joseph Baskerfield, and given the occurrence of the names Susannah and Rebecca amongst the children of Thomas Baskerfield of Woughton on the Green, Blacksmith, I am now fairly confident that William Baskerfield the Elder is the father of Joseph and the said Thomas.

Ye twelfth day of February in the Tenth year of ye reign of our Sovereign Lady Anne of Great Britain France & Ireland Queen, Defender of ye Faith &c and in ye year of our Lord One Thousand Seavon Hundred & Eleavon,

I, William Baskerfeild ye Elder of North Crawley in ye County of Bucks Husband being of sound and perfect mind and memory praise Almighty God...

I appoint Mary my loving wife and my eldest son William Baskerfeild full executors...

Item: To my said wife Mary all my household goods and household stuff and implements of household stuff whatsoever.

Item: To my said eldest son William Baskerfield all my horses, carts, wheels, ?stores?, harrows, ?harness? and all of my tools and instruments of my xxxx whatsoever.

Item: I give to my son John Baskerfield the sum of 100 shillings.

Item: I give to my son Ralph Baskerfield the sum of fifty shillings.

Item: I will that my executors shall put my son Joseph Baskerfield apprentice to and with Francis Pickering of Hitching in the County of Hertfordshire Blacksmith and shall pay the sum of £100 to the said Francis and find xxxx for xxxx during the time of his apprenticeship according to the agreement which I have made with the said Francis concerning the said ?building? in xxxx the said Francis shall xxxx to the said agreement or else my mind and will is that my said Exors shall bind the said Joseph to some other Master xxxx.

Item: I give unto my said son Joseph Baskerfield the sum of ten pounds to be paid to him the said Joseph by my Executors at his age of one and twenty.

Item: I give to my son Thomas Baskerfield ?now? apprenticed with Thomas ?Kellow? of North Crawley afoursaid Blacksmith the sum of ten pounds and will that the same shall be paid by my said executors to him y said son Thomas within the space of ?twelve? months after the end of the period of his said apprenticeship.

Item: I give unto my eldest daughter Mary Baskerfield the sum of ten pounds and that the same shall be paid by my said Exors to her my said daughter Mary within the space of one year after my decease.

Item: I give unto Susannah Baskerfield my second daughter the sum of ten pounds and I will that the same shall be paid by my said Executors within the space of ?two? years next after my decease.

Item: I give unto Rebecca Baskerfield my youngest daughter the sum of ten pounds and I will that the same shall be paid to her the said Rebecca at her age of one and twenty by my said Executors.

...the residue to my Executors in equal shares...

...hereunto set my hand and seale the day and year xxxx above xxxx William Baskerfield signed sealed published and declared by the said William Baskerfield the Elder...

...in the presence of us, xxxx Barratt xxxx of Rebecca ?Simmonds? ?Willm Leverett?

The probate statement is in Latin, but I think the gist is that Probate was granted to William Baskerfield of North Crawley xxxx Bucks on the eighteenth day of the month of April seventeen hundred and xxxxteen. (The year looks like it could say “mille septigenti xxxx decimo”)

“Maria” Baskerfield is mentioned further down the paragraph. I would expect this to be saying either “the other executor, Mary Baskerfield, being already deceased”, or “he will work with the other executor, Mary Baskerfield”, or “he will work on behalf of the other executor, Mary Baskerfield”. However, between the hand, the handwriting, the Latin and the photocopy, I’m struggling to have any clue which it is.

We may therefore deduce that William Baskerfield the Elder died after 12th February 1711/12 and before 1720. I have now found the burial of Wm Baskerfield, Householder, in North Crawley on 13th December 1715.

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