kjthistory's Journal

This journal is for my Family History information and occasional blog. I've been researching for several years, and having used LiveJournal for several months now for something quite different, I thought it might be a good and simple way to get some stuff up and available for searching. So I created a new journal for it.

Family tradition has it that my Canterbury forebears were Huguenots, and I have found the 1756 baptism of my 5g-grandfather John Francis / Jean Francois in the "Register of the Wallon or Strangers' Church in Canterbury".

My grandfather was Scottish and his paternal grandparents were Irish immigrants. So far as I know, everyone else back to 1750's was English, originating in Devon, Dorset, Hampshire and Kent.

I'm also doing my partner's family tree on behalf of my children. Again there are a pair of Irish immigrants back in the mid 1800's, with the rest being English back to at least 1800, originating in Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

95% English ancestry may not be very exotic, but at least it makes the research easier!
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